BabyButtons Cotton Washcloths Napkin Hankies Soft Cotton Face Towels Unisex Gift Pack

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Product Description

With newborn enter you home, you bring about many changes in your life as a parent, the most important being hygiene. With your little one around, you want to keep everything spick and span for which you may require gentle cleaners. Washcloth is one of the must-have things in your baby kit, as it finds its uses in many different ways.

We, at BabyButtons, present you with soft and gentle set of washcloths with different prints, which make them ideal for cleaning the soft skin of newborns as well as their essential supplies.

Smart Ways to Use BabyButtons Wash Cloth

Baby Washcloths are versatile cleaning wipes that can be used in myriad ways as given below:

Bath Time Cleanser: We know you don’t want to scrub-clean your newborn hard. So, make use of the baby washcloth, which is gentle on the skin. Just put a blob of your baby’s body wash in the damp washcloth to cleanse your little one from head to toe.Clean the Gums: BabyButtons washcloths are harmless gum cleaners too! Rinse the washcloth under lukewarm water and do the occasional gum cleaning. The soft towel will remove all the food and milk residues from your child’s mouth without hurting even a bit. Wipe Away the Poo: Washcloths are also hygienic baby wipes to clean your little one during diaper change.Sanitize the Little Things: You want everything hygienic for your baby, so clean the pacifiers, teethers and small toys of your child using the dry, soft baby washcloths.

Thus, throw in the pack of BabyButtons washcloth in your diaper bag and you are good to go!

Care Instructions

Handwash in Lukewarm Water

Do not Tumble Dry

Do Not Bleach

Use Mild Detergent Only

Product Features:

Super Soft

With BabyButtons set of washcloths, you can ensure utmost comfort while cleaning your little one. Moreover, we have chosen good quality natural knit fabric to make this beautiful – the only thing that will not cause any rashes, itchiness or skin allergy.

High Absorbency

BabyButtons will ultimately become your child’s second mother! We have made this washcloth to cleanse your baby gently, absorbing all the tough dirt, sweat and milky drools from your baby’s mouth in the safest manner.


The washcloths are durable – they withstand repeated washes without losing their fresh look or texture. Moreover, once washed it will be dried in a very short span of time.

Soft and Gentle on your kids Skin , Perfect as Burp Cloth & Saliva Towel . Absorbent and Breathable fabric ideal for keeping your littleone dry and Clean
Compact Size makes it Easy to Carry, Easy to Use & Easy to Wash Perfect BabyShower Gift , Very Cute & Useful . Check the images for some cool baby shower decor ideas
12 INCH * 12 INCH ( 30 CM * 30 CM ) ; Cloth Print may vary from the actual picture

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